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What makes the school different from others is that we offer a vast range of subjects for all ages whether you want a career in the performing arts or just want to have fun. Pupils can learn Ballet, Tap, Theatre Craft, Modern Jazz, Acro, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Disco, Cheerleading and Fitness techniques. In our 'Fame School' pupils enjoy Musical Theatre classes consisting of drama, singing and stage movement. The atmosphere in the schools is friendly and caring. The emphasis is on the joy of movement and the love of theatre arts in general. The classes are well disciplined; this discipline comes from encouragement and a mutual respect between pupil and teacher, both having a real involvement in their subject.


Our dance classes generally follow the IDTA syllabus and for interested pupils we offer exams and progression. We offer exams from beginner rosettes to the most senior levels in IDTA, Advanced 2 and teaching qualifications. We have had 100% success rate in all our IDTA exams throughout the over 40 years we have been in operation.

Musical Theatre Course

Our Fame School combines singing, dance and drama. The singing has an emphasis on fun and with a wide variety of styles of music old and new. The dance involved covers the spectrum of styles as seen in musical theatre and also includes some street and hip hop. The drama side involves learning various techniques such as mime, improvisation, and characterisation with some script work. Pupils are encouraged to work towards shows, presentations and musical productions. Pupils can also take part in IDTA musical theatre examinations which involve all the 3 sides of musical theatre. We aim for pupils to have fun and enjoyment whilst building confidence and improving communication skills.

Teachers Course

We prepare students and qualified teachers for all IDTA Theatre branch teaching exams including the Anatomy paper. Since the very recent introduction of the paper we have successfully entered 18 pupils, and with that and the other parts of the teaching qualifications as with our exams in general we have had 100% success rate.


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Dance - Drama - Singing - Musical Theatre - Ballet - Modern Jazz - Theatre Craft - Hip Hop - Tap
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